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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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@ february the 29th and it is @breezy, we're seeing a few @showers, good news is we will @calm down @throughout the course of the @day and see sunshine before a @few showers may move back in @for the evening. @temperatures in the mid-40. @welcome to it. @ it's a special day being @leap day. @i'm sure a lot of you will be @talking about it at school. @youth of been talk about or @wake up to is the winds. @still 9000 without power @cuyahoga counties. @this is all because of the @winds. @wind advisories have been @breezy. @sustained winds between 20 and @30 miles per hour. @it's pretty much what we're @waking up to. @they will diminish throughout @the day. @showers around -- showers @are on their way out. @sill some rain to the east but @very light.
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@it should be much drier. @tracking snow. @just in time for march. @more details coming up. @>> you say that four letter @word. @ well, i hope all of you are @enjoying your extra day in @2016. @we take a looking at the @traffic. @looking all good. @there's rain showers to the @east but just waiting for the @roads to clear out. @here's a picture on 271 you can @see, still wet here but not too @wet as we saw overnight. @so we're looking good. @those of you who take 271 @between u.s. 422, it's 12 @minutes headed north and south. @not tracking any delays. @ we're following breaking @news right now. @we've been keeping an eye on @this one. @firefighters are at the scene @of this house fire on west 77th @street. @our crew said that heavy smoke @was pouring from the home. @this is located between troy @and franklin avenue.
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@we're told that the strong @winds are making this even @tough one to fight. @no word if anyone was inside. @and again, as we get more @information we'll pass it along @to you. @ the man accused of killing @adyton pastor during a church @service is expected to face a @judge on a murder @charge this afternoon. @>> tiffany tarpley is here now @with what we're learning new @overnight. @>> reporter: we now know the @pastor was killed in his office @during the middle of sunday @service. @witnesses describe the as a @chaotic scene with churchgoers @running to safety. @this is the man police say shot @and killed the pastor while the @choir was singing at st. @peter's missionary @baptist church. @daniel gregory schooler, the @pastor's younger brother. @the victim william schooler @died at the scene. @the suspect had a violent @history which includes a @conviction of felony assault @with a deadly weapon after he @was accused of kidnapping a @child.
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@there were no other intended @targets. @coming up i'll let you know @what we're learning about the @pastor who had deep roots @within the community. @ funeral services will be @held today for the firefighter @killed by an john coming truck. @tonya john can visiting hours @will be from 10:00 a.m. @to noon followed by services. @the 43-year-old was off duty @when see was killed on route 8. @she stepped into the path of a @pickup after getting out of her @car while she and her husband @were arguing. @ an ohio man who 40 years @ago killed his roommate and ate @part of his brain is now under @review for parole. @david allen chapin is serving a @life sentence. @his parole is being reviewed @which could take several weeks. @he's been denied parole at
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@ starting today parma @residents have a new place for @emergency care. @metro health opens the 24 @emergency department on snow @road. @the most serious cases will be @at the main campus. @metro health opened in @cleveland height earlier this @monday and plan to open another @one in brokesville. @ protesters take to the @street in salt lake city after @an officer shot and wounded a @teen suspect. @the teen was attackle another @-- was attacking another male @and did not follow orders to @drop a weapon. @the suspect is a 17-year-old @from kenya. @onlookers began to throw @bottles at police. @ one of pope francis' top @advisors says the catholic @church made enormous mistakes @in failing to prevent thousands
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@by priests. @one cardinal testified in @australia via video. @ink front row were two dozen @abuse survivors who had @traveled to be on hand for his @testimony. @ a religious festival in @southern india when an elephant @went on a rampage, take a look @at the video. @the elephant was taking part in @a holy ritual when it started @flinging rick shaws -- @rickshaws and cars. @ if you a fan of cadbury @cream eggs, b mcdonald's is @selling the mcflurry. @the only advisory for a limited @time if you're feeling bad it @packs 54 grams of sugar per @serving.
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@thiss it's chocolate shell with @a runny white filling that @looks like egg @yoke and just so you know, just @the cream egg, just the candy, @the egg has 20 grams of sugar. @>> okay. @>> so all of a sudden we're not @going to offer unhealthy foods @in this country we have to go @to australia. @>> come over to my house i'll @make this for you. @>> thank you, i appreciate that @invitation. @>> you're welcome. @>> much better than australia. @ we are 34 days away from @the cleveland independentians @a.m. @single game @ticket go on sale at @they will offer more tickets to @year. @now, transactions are limited @to one purchase of up to 8 @tickets. @opening day september for @red sox. @ it is almost 50:71 day left @for candidates to campaign @before the all important
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@what they are saying and doing @today. @that coming up in a live @report. @>> reporter: good morning john @what does it take to get the @space? @about 4-7 year waiting period @and over a million dollars. @that could change if a group of @kent state students get their @way. @>> cleared for blast off. @ thank you so much 40s for @highs today. @around 40 right now. @dealing with showers. @definitely dealing with the @winds. @wind advisories have been @dropped but it's still breezy @today. @we're going to track the wind @we're going to track the rain @and we have snow to track. @we'll talk about when that @arrives. @>> speaking of the snow those i @letters are in stat. @happy leap day monday. @it's an extra day in february. @you can see our shaky camera as @we take a live looking at the @inner belt there. @good morning.
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@ @ we are about 24 hours away @from supertuesday. @12 states who could alter the @course of the presidential @campaign. @>> tracie potts is here with a @look at the campaign. @>> reporter: especially for @some candidates who are vying @for thieves nominations, this @could be their last @day and their last opportunity @to go after the frontrunner, @hillary clinton and donald @trump. @donald trump heads into @supertuesday with the first @senate endorsement, alabama @senator jeff sessions. @>> i hate to say it i'm @becoming mainstream. @>> reporter: with trump @leading every state except @hard. @>> i'm a con man.
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@achievement you don't do that. @>> reporter: ted cruz is @leading his home state texas. @and slamming trump. @>> we should all be united in @saying that the clan is @reprehensible. @and has no place unpolitics. @>> reporter: supertuesday is @looking good for hillary @clinton coming off her huge win @in south carolina. @well, we got decimated that's @what happened. @>> reporter: bernie sanders @feeling the burn of the south @african-american voters. @i'm going to need your help to @win the democratic nomination. @>> reporter: clinton leading @nearly 2-1 focused on trump. @>> i don't think in a campaign @you make wild promises you @insult everybody and then @people wonder well, w hut @for. @>> reporter: while clinton @could have some problems of her @own going into u supertuesday @today we'll get the rest of the @e-mails the state department's @deadline to release all the e-
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@we expect to she them before @the voting starts. @>> a lot of the talk is if @clinton and trump perform wells @-- perform well at the polls @this thing could be over. @>> reporter: maybe not @completely over but it makes @each of them much harder to @catch up with. @if you look at the delegate @don't clinton has almost twice @as many as bernie sanders. @so he's already in a situation @where he's got to catch up. @she's leading many of the @supertuesday states. @on the rab side you've got @trump leading all but one only @texas. @if truss of ted cruz can't win @texas it could be do or die. @if marco rubio comes in a @strong second in many of these @big supertuesday states and @then is able to win the @winner take allstate his home @state of florida he can remain @competitive but all of the odds
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@donald trump on the republican @side based on the polls. @>> they would have the all @important momentum on their @side. @ windy weather out there @causing problems. @>> about 9000 without power @because the wind. @that's cuyahoga, summit and @portage counties so we'll keep @you updated on numbers. @ at bus stop upper 30s. @that's the coldest it will be. @to put it in perspective. @41ishes the normal high. @26 is the normal low. @64degrees yesterday. @64. @how many of you were outside @enjoying? @we grilled ribs. @i swear to you it was so nice @it was like summer. @ early showers we'll @continue with the breezy @weather. @we will be seasonal with 40 for @highs. @track rain to snow maybe a @period of freezing rain for the @tuesday into wednesday but @first of all things will kind
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@in. @low to mid-40s for highs. @evening. @through. @we could she a few showers @early this evening, as well. @winds have been huge in our @weather story past 24 hours. @although wind advisories have @expired we're still talking @winds sustained 15-25 to even @29 miles per hour downtown. @these are sustained winds. @most of you are 20 plus. @there are still wind gusts in @the 30 plus range. @so no more wind advisories but @it's windy and we are seeing @those rain showers moving to @the east. @all due to a cold front. @>> that's why we're dropping by @20 degrees today. @as we get closer in most @showers have become really @scattered to the east. @maybe a few wet snowflakes @mixing in as they continue to @exit. @no big deal. @the precipitation is very @light. @as we track on future view. @this is 9:30 this morning. @a lot of overcast skies.
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@afternoon before more cloud @cover this evening. @o small shower chances those @will happen between 8:00-11:00. @those could be rain or snow @showers. @tomorrow starts off totally @dry. @so it's kind of coming in like @a lamb, then, have lion because @we get the rain and even some @freezing rain @before we change over to snow @tomorrow night into the day on @wednesday. @so that's our next really big @weather story to track. @as we get into wednesday this @is 5:00 a.m. @we have snow showers showing up @to the east. @so winter is by no means over @yet. @we she that on the 7 day. @by the middle of the week @forecasting highs in the 20s. @well below normal before things @warm back into the 30s and @eventually 40s getting into
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@ here's a look at your @commute. @ good morning to you hope @you're having a great start to @your day. @hollie was forecasting those @wet roads east. @so we're looking here state @route 2 near east 205 street. @house fire on cleveland's west @side. @now, i'm getting word that that @closed at detroit. @you can go ahead and detour @west 75th or west 80 to get @around that. @other than that we're looking @pretty good. @little bit of slow traffic 480 @east as you approach ridge but @here's a picture where normal @drive times we she on 480 @between 237 and the jennings. @ a local entrepreneur and @student is hoping to @revolutionize space in outer @space with a different way to @launch rockets.
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@backyard. @will ujek is live with this he @believes that there's a huge @need. @>> reporter: thursday a lot of @new technology drones, for @example, a lot of people trying @to get to space a @lot more than usual. @that's where brian feels like @his new technology can step in. @>> three, two, one, blast off. @>> reporter: in affluenza @waited with spacex plore race @at an early stage two time @space camper and current @aerospace engineering student @brian joined the air force @before deciding to develop his @own satellite then @found out it would take 4-7 @years and over a million @dollars to get it into orbit. @so he decided to find a @different way into space @intersection auto put it down @as little engineering as i need @and put a rocket on a balloon @sending the balloon to 100,000 @feet and launching the rocket @from there.
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@idea and brought on kent state @grads. @>> reporter: mostly self- @funded they completed two test @patents. @all four of them veterans @changing the way satellites can @get into space. @>> i can be mobile because my @launches don't take place on @the ground rather than a cape @canaveral where @you're trying to adjust your @the mission. @>> reporter: as far as long- @term he's eventually hoping to @send a person into space. @he's hoping he's the one on @board. @>> i started this so i could @she space with my own eyes. @the joke i have is that when i @space. @>> reporter: while nasa has @tried a similar technology @before. @he's confident that they have @what it takes to commercialize @future. @interesting idea to start with
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@can't wait to hear more about @it. @ it is 5:19, 219 out in @hollywood which means oscar @parties they're not only just @going on some are just @starting. @>> the awards didn't end until @after midnight. @so maureen kyle has been @following all other big stories @coming out of the oscars. @>> reporter: that's right i @wish i was at one of those @parties. @i'm here to tell you exactly @who won. @it was a late night for anyone @who stayed up to see the @winners. @if you fell asleep here's a @look at the winners. @the best picture went to the @journalism drama spotlight. @best actress went to brie @room. @and best actor went to leonardo @dicaprio for "the revenant." @dicaprio has been nominated @five times in the past but, of @course, what everyone is @talking about this @morning the controversy @surrounding the all white @acting nominees. @coming up after the break a
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@ @ the lack of diversity @loomed over the oscars. @this is a look at dozens of @people who protested the all @white acting nominations. @>> this happened about a mile @from where they took place. @>> maureen kyle is back with a @look at how the academy handled @the controversy. @>> reporter: no african- @american or latino actors or @actresses were nominated so all @eyes were on chris rock @to she how he would confront @this controversy. @so a lot of critics are @weighing in this morning. @usa today saying he was right @on point while others like the @daily mail say he just went too @far. @so you be the judge. @>> 88th academy awards which
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@nominees thing has happened at @least 71 other times. @okay? @you got to figure that it @happened in 50s, in the 60s, in @the 60s one of those years, i'm @sure there were no black @nominees some of those years @say '62 or '63 and black people @did not protest why? @because we had real things to @[applause] @>> we had real things to @protest. @you know, it's too busy being @raped and lynched to care about @who won best cinematographer. @>> reporter: chris rock also @called the oscars the white @people's choice awards. @so what do you think? @we want to know your thoughts @on last night's awards show. @you can sound off on twitter @and our facebook page you can
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@we want to know what you think. @ we have to talk about this @windy weather what a monday to @greet you going back to work. @>> no kidding es specially @after the weekend that was so @warm and sunny. @>> we're going to breast cancer @you right into the week. @ wind advisories have been @dropped. @we still have power outages @about 9000. @all because of a cold front @moving through while you were @asleep. @and it kind of felt that @something was coming yesterday. @it was warm and breezy @throughout day. @rains are on their way out. @snow is the next thing to @track. @we'll talk about it. @>> okay. @>> of course, it is. @ still ahead, governor john @kasich is getting frustrated @race while making a @declaration about his chances @in ohio and what will happen if @he does not win. @those details next. @>> and a house fire overnight @in cleveland which was tougher @to fight because of the @conditions. @challenge for the firefighters
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@ @ starting ourman rush. @the man accused fatally @shooting two people including a @police officer in virginia is @expected in court today. @after sergeant ronald hamilton @is accused of kill two people @including officer ashley who @was on her first day on the @job. @hamilton is -- will be in court @today. @three officers were critically @injured in that shooting. @ lynna, this morning we are @learning more about the pastor @who was shot and killed during @a church service @on sunday. @it happened at st. peter's @missionary baptist church in @dayton around 12:30 sunday @afternoon. @70-year-old william schooler
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@the pastor is said to have had @deep roots in the community. @he was a past interim president @of the dayton school board and @current president of the local @baptist @minister's union. @his brother, 68-year-old daniel @gregory schooler is the @shooter. @he'll be wake up behind bars at @the montgomery county jail this @morning. @and expected to face a judge @charge. @ strong winds made it @difficult for firefighters to @fight the scene on east wind @hundred 23rd. @the home is destroyed. @luckily no one was inside at @the time. @fire was so strong it memorial @day the siding of a neighboring @home. @no word yet on what caused it. @ those winds make everything @that much tougher. @>> they really do including @your commute this morning. @because all those wind @advisories have been dropped @it's still very breezy. @ you're waking up to a @breezy start to your leap day @monday.
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@the moment but by 9:00 a.m. @a lot of overcast skies. @sunshine today, it's going to @be cooler today. @but seasonal. @mid-40s for highs. @that's exactly on spot for what @should happen this time of the @year. @yesterday we were middle 60s. @winds 20-30 miles per hour @sustained. @that is really strong. @so this is something to be @aware of as you're leaving this @morning. @as you're dressing the kid for @the bus stop, getting yourself @ready for work. @although we're still talking @highs in the 40s it's going to @feel a little colder with those @stiff winds and @showers already really on the @way out. @we've been keeping an eye on @the wet roads good to she the @rain parts moving out. @>> yes, that is good news. @ we have one traffic alert @west 77 street shut down at @detroit because of a house @fire. @you can easily get around by @taking west 80 or west 75 @street. @other than that looking good.
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@moving east but watch for winds @especially in lorain, medina @and wayne counties. @don't forget when you hit the @roads tune in to wtam 1100 @total traffic. @ in sandusky expected to @learn more details on the death @of a man and woman in what @police are describing @as a murder suicide. @a neighbor tells us the couple @who lived in the home was @usually very quiet. @ now, to cleveland a 20-year- @old man turned himself in for a @hit and run that killed a 60- @night. @police say the victim was @crossing lee road not in a @crosswalk when a northbound car @hit him and kept going @the suspect is being held in @police custody pending charges. @as officers continue their @investigation. @ cedar point says they won't @be making any changes to the @fence heights after a death at @the park in august. @45-year-old james young was
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@rollercoaster while tempting to @retrieve his cell phone. @cedar point said there were @warning signs that the area was @restricted. @he ignored the signs and went @into the area when he was @struck by the coast zer for @decades it was a northeast ohio @retail destination but as parma @town mall hit a decline a new @project has reduced the old @building to rubble. @demolition started last week @for the $95 million project @that will renovate the mall to @an open air retail @shopping destination. @well, the community has voiced @their concerns to the city @saying they wanted to she @visible store fronts with @easary parking closer to @stores. @businesses say they can't wait @for the change. @>> demolition of course, we @have decreased walking traffic @but we still have loyal @clientele that come in. @>> we've been hearing about it @for a long time but we can so @it. @so it's exciting. @>> the project scheduled to be
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@ trailing in the polls @governor john kasich expressed @his frustration in mass ma @yesterday. @he said the gop frontrunners @are leading because the media @is only paying attention to the @yelling, screaming @and name calling. @kasich says he will win his @home state of ohio and the @nomination. @he also had some insight about @why he thinks the party's in @jeopardy of losing. @>> it's a crazy time right now. @but this is i still believe @contrary to the rush to @judgment there's a long way to @go. @and frankly if all this yelling @and screaming keeps up we're @the going to win the election @against hilary. @it's no the going to happen. @i can tell you you're not @coming to ohio yelling and @screaming at the end to win @to happen. @>> he said if he doesn't win @ohio's primary he will drop out @of the race. @ topping your morning news @feed an american student held @in north korea made an @appearance in front of @media today.
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@been seen since his arrest on @january 22. @northkoreaian authority say he @was detained for perpetuating @hostile acts against n orth @korea. @the 21-year-old apologized for @the alleged crime which @included stealing a political @slogan from the hotel @where he was staying. @ the 14-year-old girl who @was shot during a rampage @shooting in kalamazoo is @showing signs of improvement. @her mother says doctors took @her off a ventilator and she's @breathe on her own. @the uber driver jason dalton is @accused killing six and @injuring two others. @over the weekend hundreds of @balloons were released in the @sky to honor the victims. @ new data shows breast @augmentation was the most @popular cosmetic procedure of @2015. @liposuction was second followed @by nose reshaping. @eyelid surgery and tummy tucks @but the fastest growing type of @plastic surgery last year was
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@first time in over 15 years @face lifts. @lift out -- slipped out of the @top five surgeries. @lifts rather than implants are @becoming more popular. @>> so if you can't beat them @join them. @>> back to you. @>> no. @you're stuck with this right @here for the rest of my life. @ lottery action cavs lost to @the wizards do you know what i @think i think it's a lot of @overreaction. @bad game, yes. @did we learn anything b new @about this time my take is @next. @>> "the voice" premieres @tonight. @we'll give you a sneak peek of @one of the hour-by-hour @forecast house singers. @>> we welcome cheap trick to @cleveland when the band @headlines the 13th annual @spring benefit. @p.m.
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@on sale now. @their benefit will benefit @educational programs. @find out more now at w
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@ @ yeah, new season of "the @voice" gets underway tonight @right here on channel 3. @the blind auditions will she a @new collection of singers. @and a popular coach is @returning christina aguilera is @back. @the season premiere of "the @voice" start at 8:00 p.m. @ we have been talking a lot @about movies this morning @recapping last night's academy @awards. @but a local guy put together an @incredible new version of the @"star wars: the force awakens" @trailer all set @in cleveland. @>> cleveland won't stand in our @way. @>> brandon donor an ohio @university grad posted the @video on youtube. @an aerial battle over the city
5:42 am
@and a cleveland skyline in the @distance. @>> check it out on @pretty cool. @>> yeah. @ so the rumors have started @about 49ers quarterback col in @kaepernick. @the browns are linked to it @because they need a @quarterback. @the browns are in the mix for @him. @he wants to betrayeded out of @san francisco. @i think the bounces should not @make this move. @his best days are behind him. @they need to draft the right @quarterback and fresh. @and let's move on. @ for my take this morning @i'm not in panic mode after @the cavs game. @some saying they won't went @eastern conference. @smith trashed his teammates @saying quote we can't play @basketball like this going down @the stretch you talk @about contending and getting @blen out by a team if we're @serious about who were supposed @to be then we can't @do this. @j.r.?
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@you're the ones who didn't want @to play. @you had no effort and your @defense stunk but the big @picture lebron didn't play. @he got the day to rest which is @a good thing. @especially in the middle of @three games in four days i. @want to she him take more days @off down the stretch. @this was a 1:00 p.m. @game on a sunday afternoon @against the wizards and no @lebron james. @when i got disappointed on this @team was in january. @when this team whipped lebron @james and showed no effort @against steph curry and the @warriors. @say they don't play hard that @was the game to do it. @they had no excuse for not @showing up against the warriors @on that night in january. @all yesterday proved was this @team can't win without lebron. @he runs the show and without @him out there, this team is @lost. @now, golden state loses curie @they're not winning the title @the cavs need their superstar @also to compete. @the loss means very little and
5:44 am
@but that lost to golden state @said a lot more. @tweet me your thoughts. @i want to hear from you this @morning. @ and we're switching gears @talking your forecast. @there's plenty going on. @winds are still whipping @around. @wind advisories have been @dropped but in our headlines @today we continue with breezy @conditions. @cooler today temperatures in @the 40s. @60s yesterday. @so 20 degree difference within @just hours because of a cold @front moving in overnight. @shower chances will remain @really early and mainly east @then the next big thing is the @rain to snow and maybe @even a little freezing rain to @track for tomorrow. @first of all, though, starting @off your leap day monday with @temperatures feeling much more @like they should @this time of year. @low to middle 40s this @afternoon. @we are going to she some @sunshine especially once we get @past this morning. @right now dealing with winds.
5:45 am
@9000 between the three. @all because of the wind weather @even though wind advisories @have been canceled still seeing @sustained winds @from 20-30 miles per hour. @there are higher gusts and @here's the cold front to the @east. @most of you have dried out. @as we get a closer look @sincerely a few areas of really @light rain along the ohio, @pennsylvania border. @and in most instances we are @already dry. @so we look through today 10:00 @this morning a lot of overcast. @we get into the afternoon, we @take a little breath. @winds should be lighter this @point. @3:00 wearing your sunglasses, @temperatures in the mid- to @even upper 40s. @>> looks good. @this evening we could she a few @showers move in. @once we get into the 7 :00-9:00 @range. @tomorrow starts off totally @dry.
5:46 am
@tomorrow afternoon we'll be @tracking rain initially this is @more towards dinner time @tomorrow. @so 4:00 p.m. @on your tuesday, march the @first by the way. @rainy weather as it gets colder @a transition to snow. @and in between that transition @there could be a period of @freezing rain. @that's something we'll watch @out for. @we could end up with winter @weather advisories. @but by wednesday morning most @of the snow chances showing up @are really east. @it's not looking like some @widespread snow that's going to @impact every one of you early @wednesday. @so we will keep you informed @with the very latest as storm @track could change. @here's a look at the window @nation 7-day forecast. @march1st, hello tomorrow and @like i said, kind of starts off @like a lamb, then it ends like @a lion late in @the day. @so i don't know what we do with @that. @maybe that means it's going to @be extra terrific. @we'll just go with that one. @as we head into wednesday we'll @have the snow chances early. @much colder middle of the week
5:47 am
@this is buckeye. @ so here's the deal with @buckeye. @buckeye enjoys the indoors and @is not a big fan of the snow. @so he does not want this middle @of the week little chill. @jane sent the picture in. @jane, thank you. @buckeye is pretty fabulous. @isn't he great? @>> love you buckeye. @thank you much. @ new york senator chuck @schumer wants the faa to @require airlines to abide by a @see the size guideline. @he says leg room on planes use @today be 35 inches it shrunk to @an average of 31. @the senior senator from new @york will introduce the see the @size guideline amendment to the @faa @reauthorization act. @a vote on the bill is expected @in march. @>> soon they're just going to @put in benches. @standing. @>> i don't want that seat. @ we heard last week about @the newest phone from samsung @to be released.
5:48 am
@>> reporter: good morning @everyone. @it's your monday morning geek @fix we'll start off with apple. @big news a date, march 21st @that's the day the company will @likely release some additional @devices. @now, first likely to be smaller @ipad. @the second of more interest is @smaller and cheaper 4 inch @iphone likely to be called the @iphone se. @it's based on the iphone 5, @with maybe just a couple of @fewer features than the latest @and greatest from the company. @that event, again, on march @21st. @>> some amazing battery @technology coming out of mobile @world congress in barcelona. @they managed to put in an ultra @thin she through solar panel on @top of the screen of one other @rugged phones @when you take the phone @outside, point it in direct @sunlight it actually charges @off the sun. @a cool feature that you may be @seeing in phones in the future. @>> and check this out if you
5:49 am
@taking our jobs in the future, @this story may actually @warm your heart. @>> mercedes has actually @started taking robots out of @their assembly lines and @putting in people why? @the options are get seeing @complicated the robots are @actually slowing the process @down. @if you want to contribute to @this and buy one of these @you'll need some cash. @the s class starts at just @under $96,000. @that's your monday morning geek @fix have a great day everybody. @>> that's it? @>> well, will was showing us @cars that were one happened 50, @200,000 last week. @>> we're going to save more @coming up. @>> we're going to save a lot @more. @>> reporter: how about 90%. @we're going to save you hundred @of dollars right after the @break. @leap day deals designer style. @all types tv fashion, ready? @>> thank you, matt. @ we have two road closures
5:50 am
@remains closed because of a @house fire at detroit @and we have state route 86 @closed ohio six because of a @fallen tree. @we'll get you some key tours.
5:51 am
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@the vegetarian menu is @available today only. @it's essentially their @signature sandwich lineup minus @the meat. @so the popular holded italian @sandwich now just has melted @cheese peppers, tomato lettuce @and onions. @it will come back every @february 29. @you can still get the meaty @sandwiches today too. @>> if you want just a bun today @you can have it. @ this leap day brings some @huge well timed, timed deals. @>> . [laughter] @>> you she what we did there. @>> yeah, it was fun. @>> well, he wrote it. @>> reporter: i want to remind @a lot of people, we associate @leap day with a couple dollars @here, couple @dollars there. @maybe a sandwich, maybe a @coffee. @i'm going to save you hundreds @of dollars right now. @>> i think that's why you're @the best. @>> you're the best for @watching. @>> reporter: the thing that
5:55 am
@advantage of we mentioned @tongue in cheek, well, @time, get it items used to keep @time that's were we she some of @the major reductions. @time pieces, yeah, you'll save @90% today. @one of the first brand i want @to show you is a brand called @soco new york. @>> it's a $425 watch. @90% off. @it is not worth that but it is @a water watch. @>> is it worth -- @>> i actually think it's with @at least 100. @beautifully well made. @nice thing about this it's free @shipping if you dent like it @the returns are free, as well. @$29 on this. @larger watch sale that i have @linked to on our website the @just to show you, i will let @you handle it. @you know, your watches, jewelry @the band its several is @attracting a lot of attention. @when these sell out the prize
5:56 am
@so something you want to move @on quickly @>> what do you think? @>> that is beautiful. @yeah, the band has like the a @little quilting sort of @marking. @but man, people actually pay @$400 you're right, i mean -- @>> reporter: i've seen people @pay 200. @it's sold a lot at 200, 150 but @$39.99 is something for today. @>> that's a nice watch. @navy with a navy face. @>> reporter: pink champaign @and white. @>> i think i'll go with this. @ let's talk about the @weather. @ speaking of time we have an @extra day today and we are @forecasting better weather. @wind advisories have been @dropped it is still really @breezy. @temperatures 40s today as @opposed to the 60s we had @yesterday. @we're already seeing most of @shower chances out of here. @i'm going to change this @graphic to say morning cloud @cover. @that's how fast the rain had @been moving.
5:57 am
@does include snow in the @forecast. @>> we knew that was coming. @ did you stay up late enough @to hear all the oscar winners? @we'll let you know who did win @and how chris rock the host @handled the race controversy of @the awards show s @firefighters struggle to battle @an overnight fire in cleveland @because of the weather.
5:58 am
again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors
5:59 am
so you can love cereal...
6:00 am
@ @> 6:00 a.m. @on leap day monday february 29 @and maybe you're up a little @earlier than normal because @it's @been awfully windy overnight. @cold front moving through. @this point most of you are @already dry so we're @forecasting clouds and breezy @weather through the first part @of today. @wind will lighten later this @afternoon and we will see @sunshine s. 40s for high. @we hit 64 yesterday and as @forecasted we are down to 38 @degrees in hopkins. @make sure the kids have their


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